Federer the 18th

Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in a Dream Final

As a Roger Federer fan, today was the day, I had been waiting for over 5 years with wavering hopes.

Today was also the day, in my heart of hearts, I never really believed I would really get to see, in spite of those wavering hopes.

And today was also the day on which I had given up the last shred of optimism I had, last year, when Roger Federer decided to quit his tour mid-way due to an injury. He is 35 after all.

But who could have scripted today, this way?

A Rafa Nadal — Roger Federer Final has always been every tennis fan’s dream come true. But to make that happen in 2017, after both players had sailed past their prime a long time ago, is simply a combination that even a sports gambler who tries to maximize his returns on a bet wouldn’t have picked.

I am not going to write about the match. I watched the first three sets and then I couldn’t handle watching the match live without pacing inside my room. So, I kept taking breaks (turning the TV off), as I kept taking sneak peeks into the scoreboard every few minutes.

Throughout the match, one thing was clear. How much respectful that these two gentlemen are to each other. They demonstrated that right from the time they entered the court before the match, all the way through the speeches towards the end, but most importantly, one could see their mutual respect in the subdued way they went about celebrating their points. Nothing over the top.

To watch Federer patiently wait for the review decision of his winning point and then slowly breaking ino a victory celebration…
To watch & listen to Nadal and Federer being so humble in their achievements, exchanging the warmest respect they have for each other during the ceremeony at the end…
To witness how both Rafa and Roger modestly took the overwhelming significance of the final match today in a non-chalant manner in their stride, producing perhaps the best match of this year’s Australian Open…

These are the moments that make a tennis fan tick.
These are the days that make a Federer fan believe in the impossible.

Thank you Roger for making me believe in the impossible.
Congratulations on the 18th!



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