CRT and its social impact

Should we ban CRT? (Hint: The answer is YES)

If you have been following the conservative media in the past few weeks, I won’t be surprised if have been made to believe that our Republic is in grave danger right now — at this very moment — not because of the BIG LIE and its after-effects, not because of the Jan 6 insurrection, not because of the multitude of voter suppression laws (close to 400 bills are in various stages of passing across many states), or gerrymandering, or poor infrastructure, or the continuing growth of white supremacy related violence...etc. etc.

Our Republic is in grave danger because of one thing. One thing only.
The CRT.

So let’s analyze this new anger against CRT, as no politician who is for banning CRT being taught in schools is actually able to explain what exactly CRT is.

Firstly, I am sure we all can agree on one thing.

The CRT has been a major driving force in how we receive information. Paper used to be the medium of choice for carrying information to homes. But since the invention of CRT, the change has had a huge impact on us. Not only on how we get the news, but literally on how our society functions.

Let’s also admit that the CRT has brought about a significant change in politics in the United States of America. It has had an impact on each one of us individually, as we all seemed to have spent more and more time with the CRT in the last few decades. But on the negative side, the CRT has degraded the quality of our elections by moving them away from important issues. But is there enough data to show that the CRT has not particularly changed the foundations of our society? I am not so sure as yet.

Whatever the impact of CRT on our society has been (positive and negative), I want to summarize the problem with the CRT.

Large amount of lead contained in the CRT can cause severe damage to humans and the environment, as lead exposure can result in adverse central nervous system damage that leads to headaches, behavior problems, reproductive issues, and cognitive deficits.

The last health effect explains the hysteria among a certain section of the white moral-paint-eating class, members of which, for some reason belong to a single political party, i.e. GOP.

Despite these wellknown health effects, CRT funnel glass still faces improper disposal fates. The current disposal system we have in place is terrible for the environment.

This is something I would agree with the conservative media though.
We do have a CRT problem.

And to fix this, we need to ban CRT.

From schools, colleges, offices, hotels, and even homes.
We need to ban CRT from all places.

And more importantly, we need to invest in better CRT funnel glass waste management options.

For the sake out environment.

We are done with you Cathode Ray Tube.
You were good while you lasted!!

Photo Credit: Werba SA



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